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  1. Happy Customer:

    I was so impressed by the service I received at Silouette Tailoring. Nasir was extremely attentive to my needs, made me feel at home and most importantly made me a dress that made all my friends jealous!!! I can’t wait to have him design and tailor my next piece of clothing!!! Thank-you!

  2. MandyB:

    I’m not easily impressed. I took my first item of clothing that needed altering and crossed my fingers. After seeing the result (the skirt was unwearable prior to the alterations), I was thrilled.
    I went through my alterations pile at home (all clothing I love but simply falls off of me and takes up a ton of room to store in my closet) and took in ten items (mostly pants/jeans, a couple of pairs of shorts and a two dresses). Often, they needed taking down from a size 10/12 to a size 6 (my worry was that such a drastic size reduction would ruin the shape). I crossed my fingers again.
    Needless to say: I. Am. Impressed.
    I’ve been waiting for a man like Nasir my whole life (I told him that on a recent visit!)
    He is attentive, well-organized, reasonably priced AND on top of it all, had my large order ready a day early (and phoned to let me know).
    Keep it up, Nasir ~ and don’t move out of the neighbourhood, please!!
    ~ Amanda Butterworth

  3. minerva:

    Nasir is amazing! He did an incredible job altering my wedding gown. His prices are very competitive for the work that he did and the quality of the final product. My wedding gown was a somewhat complicated alteration as it has an intricate lace bodice with many layers and boning and a hundred layer tulle skirt. Even though Nasir is extremely busy, he was able to dedicate himself to my gown and deliver a perfect fit after one fitting; no need for second alterations! He even hemmed the dress while I was wearing it on the spot to ensure proper length. He guaranteed delivery of my dress a week before the wedding so I didn’t have to stress about it. I would definitely go back to Silhouette Tailoring, whether it be a simple alteration or even a custom outfit. Everyone gushed about how lovely my wedding dress was and it was definitely dependent on the perfect fit. It fit like a glove and I felt like a princess. Thank you Nasir! – K.P.

  4. Brianne Henry:

    Nasir is an amazing magician equipped with a needle, thread and thimble and I couldn’t be happier with his work. Looking forward to future alterations and creations!

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